Cost Saving Workflow

Infinity Design and Construction Group is a full service design and construction company providing the latest technology from 3D Scanning, 3D Design, & Construction services.

We invest in our operations to stay on the forefront of technology, quality and service.

Our 3 Phase approach using 3D Reality Capture, Intelligent 3D Design, & 3D Construction Management Services allows us to “Close the Loop” on many potential issues on a project.

Phase I: 3D Reality Capture & Scanning

The basis for any successful retrofit project is knowing exactly what the existing conditions are.  From mechanical, piping, steel, architectural to site grade, we are able to collect all this data with our 3D scanners and Robotic Total Stations.

Advantages to 3D Scanning

  • Safety
    • Minimized Field Time = Less opportunities for an accident to occur
    • Capture Data from Safe Distances = Reduces exposure to dangerous conditions
  • Rapid Data Capture
  • Cut Labor Costs
  • Shorten Project Shutdown Schedules
  • Reduce Rework
  • Leave behind survey control points to easily come back and scan for future projects


Phase II: Intelligent 3D Engineering/Design & Modeling

Having seamless information from beginning to the end of any project leads to success.

After collecting all the existing conditions with our 3D scanners, we utilize the latest 3D Engineering and Design software to design the project.

All our projects are done using intelligent 3D design software.  This allows the entire project team to:

  • Visualize the project before it is issued for construction
  • Take a concept to construction faster by:
    • Reviewing multiple options in the FEED (Front End Engineer & Design) Phase
    • Reducing revision time
    • Simulation of operations
    • Database controlled Specifications – Fast Bill Of Materials
    • Single source for engineering tasks such as structural steel analysis or pipe stress analysis
    • Quickly produce fabrication documents from the model such as pipe fabrication isometrics
  • Have a single source of information (the model) instead of many documents
  • Interference check all new project models against the existing condition collected in Phase I Reality Capture
  • All design and engineering data is stored and secured on our internally developed software, PPM (Project Portfolio Manager). 


Phase III: Construction Management – Construction Layout – Construction


We have found, in our industry, one of the largest obstacles to overcome is multiple sources for project information. This not only hinders the project schedule, but can also create confusion amongst the trades.  In order to “Close the Loop”, we use two main tools in the construction phase of the project.

  • Construction Management: Infinity’s PPM (Project Portfolio Manager) Software
    • Is login controlled for reliable tight security
    • Users can be assigned personalized credentials based on their project role
    • Can be accessed via the web using many popular web browsers
    • Begins to be utilized in the FEED portion of the project all the way thru commissioning
    • All project related information can be stored on a single source of reference.
    • Bar codes are creating in the design phase and are printed and stuck to equipment, piping, instrumentation etc. for quick field access to the object.
    • Instant access to location of all project related materials (Piping, Equipment, Instrumentation, etc.)
    • Project Controls – Schedule and Cost Control


  • Construction Layout: Robotic Total Station
    • Capability of loading 3D Model onto Total Station
    • Provides accurate locations based on 3D Model in conjunction with Project coordinate system
    • Minimizes labor required to accomplish layout
    • Reduces chances of misinterpretation of construction documents


  • Construction
    • Single source of information prevents confusion
    • Efficient staging of materials
    • Effective installation
    • Streamlined for Commissioning
    • Accurate progress for billing
    • Real time as-built once project is complete

Implementing the Latest Technology to Cut Your Costs

At Infinity, we familiarize ourselves with the best construction related technology to bring your project in under budget and on time.



Services We Offer

  • Mechanical and Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering
  • Pipe Stress and Structural Steel Analysis
  • P&ID Support (creation or revision)
  • PE Stamped drawings
  • 3D Spatial Scanning
  • 3D Piping Design
  • Isometric drawings
  • Issue for Construction packages
  • MEP Coordination (BIM Modeling)
  • Robotic Total Station Construction Layout
  • Material take-offs
  • Cost estimating
  • Construction Management